Today is the match Levante – Villarreal. Forecasts and rates from expert 03.04.22 P.1

Forecast and rates for the match

Levante’s football match – Villarreal was supposed to pass two months ago, but then bad weather conditions prevented him from playing.

This year, the teams did not meet, and in the past both matches ended with a draw. If we take the whole history of the confrontation, then it has the best indicators in Villarreal.

In the match of the Levante team and the Villarreal team, which will meet in the nearest round of the football championship, the sympathy of many fans on the side of the home team, since the Levante team demonstrates excellent collective football, thanks to which he achieves the desired result in matches with his rivals.

Despite the fact that in the offseason the club conducted some personnel permutation – several leaders have gone until this is reflected in the results of the club.

Our forecasters believe that guests today have every chance to interrupt the winning series of the Levante team players.

The Villarreal team has significantly intensified in comparison with the last season, which the club can bring into a passive, since for the first time in many years the club demonstrated disgusting results.

Most likely, the leadership, manager and football players made appropriate conclusions, so beginners were invited to the club, who should return the former its former greatness.

The guests perfectly conducted pre -season training, and already at the starting matches of the championship we can say that the Villarreal team will be a very formidable opponent.

We think that in the match with the owners of the field, the guests will demonstrate excellent football, which will allow them to succeed, so our forecast – the Villarreal team will not lose.

The proposed total total heads in this match seems to us high, here the bookmakers seriously overestimate the attacking abilities of the teams, so we advise playing it for less.

Betting/coefficients of bookmakers for the match Levant – Villarreal:

In the event of the victory of the hosts, the bookmakers will pay a win at a coefficient of 3.82, but if the owners will be stronger in the Levant’s football match, then the quotation 2.024 will win.

In case of a draw result, the offices will be paid according to the coefficient 3.82.

Forecast for the Levant Match – Villarreal (Spanish Championship, National Pereventsva, Sunday, 04/03/2022):The Levante football club received from the bookmakers to quote 3.82, and according to the 2.024 coefficient, you can bet on the winning of FC Villarreal.

Pre -match analysis and forecasts of bookmakers

The championship is in full swing, so the players of the Levante team and the Villarreal team cannot be relaxed, because the struggle for high places in the championship is the need to demonstrate high -quality football in each match, especially in matches with direct competitors.

And the experts of our resource have no doubts that it is the Levante team and the Villarreal team that will compete with each other for high places in the championship.

The teams are well-equipped for the current season, and a distinctive feature of both teams is the presence of a good bench, the players of which can at any time strengthen the team’s game.

In general, far from every football team can allow players of this level to come on as a substitute. However, by the way, the managers of both teams are constantly experimenting with the composition, providing playing time for all players.

But, according to the experts of our resource, there will be no experiments in today’s match. Both teams need a result, so the managers will try to involve all the leading players, using the most inconvenient tactics for the opponent.

A distinctive quality of the team of Levante and the team of Villarreal is the attacking style of the game, as the lion’s share of winning matches of teams come from active actions at the opponent’s goal.

Given that today’s opponents are able to actively act not only in attack, but also in defense, our experts believe that the match will be very interesting, and the forecasts from our experts will make watching this confrontation even more spectacular.

Forecast Levante – Villarreal, rates and odds

In the line of bookmakers, according to the experts of our resource, the chances of the team of Levante and the team of Villarreal to succeed in a full-time confrontation are correctly reflected.

Recall that these teams will meet in the next round of the championship, where they will determine the strongest. The home team is in a great mood for this match, the club has no serious personnel losses before the match, and the statistics of the last games show that the Levante team is in great shape.

Guests also showed good results in recent matches. The club achieved important victories, which allowed it to improve its position in the standings.

However, for the Villarreal team, away matches this season are not going as well as games at their home stadium. In away matches, according to the players of the Villarreal team themselves, they do not feel as confident as at home.

Therefore, today our experts recommend betting on the victory of the Levante team, as the home team is now in excellent shape, and the native stands should help the club demonstrate excellent football and achieve victory.

The overall total of the match, we recommend playing for more, since both clubs operate in an attacking style, so we expect a lot of goals in this match.

The total total of violations and yellow cards should also be played for more, since this meeting is fundamental for both teams, therefore, the players will often break the rules.

But we consider the corner to less, since the team of Levante and the Villarreal team do not so often use the flanks in attacks.

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