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Essay about sports

Now the modern world is developing very quickly, everyone is in a hurry somewhere, they stand in traffic jams, work until late. And sometimes there is no time and effort to play sports.

Health is the most valuable that a person has, and it needs to be protected and strengthened. Every day we say sport in every possible way contributes to the harmonious development of a person, and especially this is important at a young age. That is why both boys and girls are recommended regular sports from the youngest age, so that he managed to provide his

Beneficial influence and laid a good basis for health on long, long years.

Sports is an integral component of a person’s life that provides the necessary activity. Physical education and sports give a charge of vivacity and optimism, strengthen immunity and thereby protect a person from various diseases.

Sports are inseparably connected with hardening, and this moment is extremely important, since the personality of a person to all kinds of external factors, such as low temperatures, dampness or heat, provides his good health throughout life.

When playing sports, you can also enjoy the lightness and flexibility of your body, the strength of muscles, the elasticity of the joints, because the excellent physical form is a worthy reward to the one who readily overcomes laziness and confidently strives to meet their own perfection.

However, the benefits of physical culture are not limited only to wellness functions. Sport is also a great mood,

A high life tone and extraordinary mental upsurge, and this is a wonderful basis for the desire for success, new achievements and fruitful work.

An extended essay about your favorite sport

Sometimes you want to express your thoughts in detail. In this case, you can talk about the sport in detail. As an example, you can take the following idea for writing an essay about a sport or about several options for physical activity:

Since childhood, my mother gave me to various circles. I went to drawing and sewing. And there was always some kind of sport in my program. With what kind of sport I would like to do seriously, I have not decided yet, because first I want to try different options.

I went to many sports clubs. I want to tell about everything in order. The first sport my mother signed me up for was swimming. I went to practice for about a year, but the coach advised me to seriously start exercising only in my teens.

After my mother signed me up for wrestling. But this section was more about learning to stand up for yourself than for serious studies. I also did rhythmic gymnastics, but the circle had inconvenient working hours, so I was not able to attend classes regularly.

To date, I have begun to engage in sports ballroom dancing. It seems to me that this is exactly the sport that is ideal for me. After all, they combine dances, which I love very much, and we also do various warm-ups and stretches.

My opinion is that a person can choose the sport that suits him best for a long time. The most important thing is not to stop looking for your ideal activity, which will help you become stronger, stronger and more confident.

Such an essay about sports also has a right to exist. Therefore, it is worth taking into account this idea/

And most importantly, the essay, on whatever topic it may be, is written from the heart, expressing all thoughts in detail. It is this work that deserves attention and appreciation.

Composition sport is life

Now many people cannot imagine their life without sports! Football players, hockey players, gymnasts, amateurs and just ordinary people. People who choose sports! But why do they make such a choice? Perhaps because, thanks to sports, a person hardens, strengthens his health, becomes strong and resilient, and develops character. But also, there are people for whom sport is the meaning of life.

Sport is central to many people's lives. Why is this happening? Now there are a lot of different sports. And a person can find something suitable for himself. Perhaps, by playing sports, we find ourselves in it.

For example, in dance, a person can convey their feelings to the audience. In the dance, he tells them what he would be afraid to say in person. Thus, he expresses his thoughts. But he does not say them directly, but with the help of a special language.

Not every person has such willpower that, when it becomes difficult, not to give up everything that he has achieved. But most often this happens at the beginning, when we are just starting to play sports. It becomes difficult for us, we are afraid, we think that we will not cope with this and in the end we quit without even trying.

Sport helps us to be healthy. People involved in sports get sick less, they have a strong immune system. A person who plays sports is easily recognized by his posture and physique.No wonder they say: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

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